Still not the tick on the club shirt but proudly present CR7 in new colours


Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing the new shirt to see the press~

Jersey available on soon

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One nation, two sports, one spirit


Showing support to your country even when they are at the tour!!

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One of the most inspiring stories so far in 2018


The average sports fan might not know who the 40-year-old Englishman is.  Tim Don, a professional triathlete, was a favorite to win the Ironman World Championships last October. Two days before the sport’s most prestigious race, Don was struck by a truck while on a pre-race training ride in Hawaii. Knocked unconscious for at least 30 minutes, he woke up in the hospital with a broken C2 vertebrae.

Faced with a potential career-ending injury,  Don chose the most painful, but fastest, road to recovery. A metal halo was placed around his head and attached to his skull with titanium screws to keep his neck in place for 3 months.

Can you imagine his recovery path from then until yesterday and crashed the finish line at a record time for the 70.3 miles race of 3:49:59??

Don’t tell yourself it is impossible, it is just a matter of will and determinations!!!

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Do you love your country like they do?


Scientists believe Mexican fans celebrating in Mexico City may have caused artificial earthquake.

Two monitoring stations in Mexico Citypicked up the temblor the same time Lozano scored, 35 minutes into the matchSeismologists in Chile also said that their instruments detected an artificial temblor at the same time. 

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Who did you watch with 20years ago?


@zidane and @adidasfootball open the "ZZ10" Playground, a new youth football pitch in Paris, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of France's 1998 World Cup triumph.

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The Era of a New Dynasty


Congrats to the Golden States Warriors

2nd straight Championships!

November will be a new season but for now, CELEBRATIONS!!!



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 “I thought we were ahead”- J.R. Smith


NBA Final Game 1 with 4.6 secs left.  J.R. Smith grabbed an offensive board with plenty of space to shoot what could have been the game-winning shot, but pulled the ball out that forced both teams to OT and ended up letting it slipped away.

What happened in the locker room will be appaling...


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Walking out from the top is not easy, unless you have already won it all


Zidane has shocked the sporting world by announcing his departure from Real Madrid after making history by sealing the Champions League for 3 consecutive years.

Where do you think his next move?


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A true achievement


Congratulations to @Chris Froome for winning the Giro 101 to complete the @Tour de France, @Lavuelta and @Giro treble

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The two men of the match with different skill sets.


It’s all set for now.  Congrats to Real Madrid for making history.  There is no team has done it before.  3 consecutive years and 14 🏆


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Appropriate? Inappropriate??


With the new policy in placed, NFL teams will be fined if players kneel for the US national anthem.

The league also said players who do not pay appropriate respect (which is standing...) for the Star-Spangled Banner can stay in the locker room until it has been performed.

What’s your view on

this (when you are still allow to have one)?

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One Legend: Gianluigi Buffon


We may not see him in the World Cup next month, but we will never forget the Juventus Captain who crowned nine Serie A titles-  Gianluigi Buffon.

Buffon will be playing his last game with Juventus and his next move yet to be confirmed by the captain next week.


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A Man of his word!!


Mark Williams made a promise to conduct his press conference naked should he win the World Snooker Championship, and he proved a man of his word on Monday night when he strode into the media centre wearing only a towel following his victory over John Higgins at the Crucible. 

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Mark it on your calendar!


26/5- History will be made.

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The Champion


Massive Congrats to Yuki Kawauchi for his heroic performance and win for the Boston marathon.  

Marathon, what a truly inspirational sport

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See you at the Semis


The Gunners are facing CSKA Moscow tonight at the Europa League quarter final.  With three aggregate goals, guess the fans could have an early celebration, no?

Be a real fan, grab their home jersey from !!!



To Juventus


If you can’t beat him, may be you can be him

CR7 collection available on 

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